Etyma : Volume One

Johanna Brummack
Johanna Brummack was born in Stuttgart, Germany and has studied art and french at the Kunsthochschule Kassel since 2014. Through interactive installation and social engagement, her artistic practice places importance on the roles of self-reflection and exchange with others. Following her interest in social structures, she explores the fluid borders between public and private spheres and uses the act of questioning as an artistic and political tool to rethink everyday habits and implicit rules. Her exploratory approach is based on curiosity, experimentation and intuition and spans many disciplines.


Thom Walker
Thom Walker is an artist living and working in London. Currently studying MA Printmaking at UAL Camberwell, he graduated from the Environmental Art department at the Glasgow School of Art in 2007. His work is concerned with how people understand and negotiate physical landscapes around them, exploring these topics through drawing, poetry and short fiction. His work for Etyma comes out of a research project into the construction of the Panama Canal at the turn of the twentieth century. Through documentary photography, printmaking and writing, the works explore themes of land destruction, engineering construction and human will and design against nature.
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Etyma is an ongoing project and we are eager to discuss potential contributions for future volumes. Please contact us with a sample of your work and motivations.