Etyma is a semi-formal, transitory and dynamic publication, designed to be physically and thoughtfully interactive. Conceived to be both ephemeral and liberal, the publication provides the opportunity to explore ideas which are experimental and gestural. Presented as a folded diptych, each volume features two artists whose intentionally disparate work engages in an intimate conversation through proximity and juxtaposition. 

An adjunct to the more composed and larger architectural publication Chez Etym., Etyma is an innocent samizdat of sorts – if Chez Etym. is thematically serif, Etyma can be considered its sanserifian counterpart. Owing to this gentle link between the two publications, Etyma will focus on concepts with architectural connotations, through a broad disciplinary lens. Primarily, Etyma’s essence draws on place, time and shared human experiences of landscape, both external and internal.

Future issues will be listed in the index below; click the desired issue to navigate to its corresponding page.

Volume One
Johanna Brummack & Thom Walker

Volume Two (Forthcoming)
Alastair Jackson & a retrospective on site (n.)
etyma (n.)
plural noun: Etyma
a form of a word of morpheme, usually the earliest recorded form or a reconstructed form, from which another word of morpheme is derived.

If you are interested in aquiring a copy of Etyma, please contact us. Copies will be for sale on our website shortly.

Etyma is an ongoing project and we are eager to discuss potential contributions for future volumes. Please contact us with a sample of your work and motivations.