Chez Etym. is a body of work, grounded in an exploration of the architectural phenomena of place and time. The keystone of this enquiry is the same-titled journal, Chez Etym., which seeks to consider these alternative notions of place and time through a multidisciplinary approach, with an inclusive and academic, yet approachable, tone.

In addition to the journal, Chez Etym. was host to a panel discussion and exhibition at the 2018 Architecture Fringe, in Scotland, titled ‘site (n.)’. Chez Etym. has plans for future events and projects, to further study and consider architectural place and time, and continue expanding on the overall body of work.

For updates regarding the journal, Chez Etym., please email us here, or follow us on Instagram. More details on the journal, along with a more thorough abstract can be found here.